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Tasmanian Winemaking Specialists

Precision Winemaking

Managing Director Peter Dredge

Dr Island Winemaking is conveniently located in Cambridge Tasmania. Ideally suited to servicing vineyards state wide. Specialising in winemaking of the highest quality we are perfectly suited to process small and medium and large batch wines. We are not only equipped with state of the art winemaking equipment but also employ some of the best winemakers in the industry.


About Us.

Welcome to Dr Island Winemaking, where tradition meets innovation in our multi award-winning wines. Our state-of-the-art winemaking facility is the perfect setting for creating exquisite wines that are unrivalled in quality, flavour and complexity. 

Trophies and Accolades 


Tasmanian Wine Show (TWS) - Chairmans Selection for Best Other Variety or Blend


Royal Hobart Wine Show (RHWS) - Best Sauvignon Blanc 

TWS - Best Other Variety or Blend


Australian National Pinot Challenge - Best Pinot Noir of Show

Australian National Pinot Challenge - Best Regional Wine

RHWS - Best Tasmanian Red Wine

TWS - Best Shiraz

TWS - Best Other Variety or Blend


TWS - Best Vintage Sparkling

TWS - Best Shiraz

Premium Still Wine


Grape Processing

Dr Island is equiped to process batches as small as 1 tonne and as large as 100. Grapes are hand sorted along our custom vibrating sorting table and can be pressed in one of three bag presses. We have capacity to store 80 tonnes of fruit in our commercial cool room and over 200 barrels in our dedicated warm room.  



With five qualified winemakers on site in very hands on roles your precious fruit will be well looked after. We will take your crop and turn it into the best wine it can be.



We can provide filtration, bottling, labelling and packaging for most wine types in most common formats. 

Dr Island is equiped with a 2021 Model Alfatek bottling line. capable of bottling most common wine bottle types including 375ml and 1500ml under screw can or crown seal.

Premium Sparkling Wine

Peter Dredge is one of few Tasmanian winemakers that has vast knowledge in sparkling wine production. Dr Island is equiped to offer all aspects of sparkling wine production from grape to glass.  

Processing and fermentation




We would love to meet you! Please send us a email to arrange a meeting.

Mon - Fri: By appointment only
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed


4 Spark Drive Hobart



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